Roland KD-120 Drum Machines

The Roland KD 120 12 V Kick Trigger Pad is listed at a price of $529, but is available for as low as $396. This electronic drum machine is constructed with the design of V-Drums’ mesh drumhead in mind and can be combined with the V-Session set. The kick drum pad is durable and surprisingly accurate.

The pad size is 12 inches in diameter and is built to last. It was design so that the kick will feel comfortable and natural. It delivers an acceptable rebound to give a natural acoustic sound and feel. The drumhead also absorbs nonessential tremble for exceptional sound quality.

You are able to adjust the head tension to your liking. The stand features four legs with rubber tips and spikes to give the drum more security while you play. This product is compatible with most standard kick drum pedals and double bass pedals.

It is also able to activate the V-Drums TD 10 percussion module, including most electronic drumming modules. You can practice at night or record with this product because it produces low noise.

The Roland KD-120 is sturdier, quieter, and bigger than most kick trigger pads. It is the most realistic sounding electronic kick trigger. It is also very easy to assemble and hook-up to an existing kit.

The trigger pad is packaged with a kick pad, beater, connection cable, tuning key, and owner’s manual. The KD 120 is available in the colors black, white, red, and purple. If you are looking for a high quality electronic instrument, the Roland KD 120 will not disappoint.