Roland MC-303 Drum Machines

The Roland MC-303 is a first of its kind in an original musical machine series also known as a Groovebox. While much skepticism unfurled around this music machine some years ago, the Roland MC-303 still has many great features aimed specifically for use by house DJs and amateur musicians looking to create individual style and one of a kind beats and rhythms.

The sound module and sequencer enable musicians to record and store notations with controls aimed at enabling improvisations while music is playing. This also allows musicians to cultivate their own music styles in an easier fashion. This product is a great and inexpensive option for musicians and DJs with all of the wonderful key features it includes.

The Roland MC-303 includes: sound generator with 28 notes (voice and polyphony), 300 variations of dance and techno music sounds which include bass lines, drum beats, pianos, strings and vinyl scratches, an 8-track sequencer with 7 pitched instruments and 1 drum kit, 448 pre-set sounds with 12 rhythm sets and drum kits, delay and chorus effects, instant storage of up to 50 musical patterns, storage capacity for up to 14,000 musical notes, and in and out MIDI connections.

The Roland MC-303 has a very distinct and original sound, allowing you to create various types of music from hip-hop and rock to techno! The small and compact size of the machine also allows musicians and DJs to create new types of music all with the machine sitting on their lap, making it easy to create new music virtually anywhere!

This machine will prove very useful for any up and coming musicians and DJs or make a great addition to any small studios. The timbrel variety, versatile arpeggiator, and loop based sequencing all make this model hard to beat for the inexpensive price!